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Do You Need a Public Adjuster?

There are a few reasons you might find yourself in need of a public adjuster. Navigating what can be an exhaustive process from filing your claim, to seeking a supplement, to overturning a denial on your own. You don’t have to accept your insurance company’s offer. If you’re unhappy or even question your insurance claim settlement, contact Shaun for a second look.

Public adjusters specialize in comprehensive assessments that expose every aspect of the damage, ensuring that your compensation will be enough to correct or reverse it. It’s crucial to approach your claim with all the knowledge you can gather, whether you’re filing for the first time, filing a supplemental claim, or appealing a denial.

Avoid costly consequences by allowing Greene House Services to perform a free damage evaluation of your property. Having an evaluation done by an adjuster who advocates for you and not for your insurance company provides you with an honest and accurate idea of the amount you should receive, so you can move forward with confidence

New Claims

The vast majority of initial insurance claim payouts aren’t enough to remedy the damages. Arm yourself with the knowledge and skill of an experienced professional right from the start. By submitting a thorough and properly-prepared claim, you greatly increase your chances of being fully-compensated for the damages you’ve suffered. Contact Greene House Services for a free assessment

Supplemental Claims
If you’ve already filed a claim but didn’t receive enough to cover the damage to your property, you should consider filing a supplemental claim. This scenario is so common that more than half of initial homeowner’s insurance claims result in supplemental claims. Shaun Greene can ensure that your supplemental claim is thorough and accurate enough to get you the payout you should have received.

Being told “no” by your insurance agency can be costly and frustrating. Greene House Services can appeal your denial with a thorough, professional analysis of the damage that conveys not only how much compensation is needed, but also that the insurance company should provide coverage and an amount. I advocate for you, compiling written and photographic evidence to combat wrongful denials all the way to the courthouse.


Why Choose Greene House Service

Shaun Greene has over ten years of experience serving clients in every stage of their property insurance claims, from the moment damage occurs to denial appeals to full litigation. No matter the cause of damage or the type of coverage you have, Shaun can advocate for you and ensure that your claims are handled properly on your end and that of your insurance company. You’ll remain well-informed throughout each phase of the claim process as the team at Greene House Services works towards a positive resolution. Our ultimate goal and highest priority is your complete satisfaction.

Shaun possesses a unique skill set that comes from his dual role as both a licensed insurance adjuster and a licensed real estate agent. These sharpened negotiating skills coupled with his personable nature and comprehensive knowledge of the value of various aspects of a property make Shaun the superior choice for your insurance claim representation.

Who We Serve

Greene House Services represents residential and business property owners and condo associations throughout the southeast. We are based in Florida in the tri-county area of Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach, but have served clients from Key West and Tallahassee to Georgia and North Carolina.

Shaun Greene advocates for property owners and condo associations with new claims, supplemental claims, and denial appeals in cases involving many different types of buildings and materials of various quality and of various conditions. Every client and claim is unique and must be handled with a customized approach, but the years and range of experience under Shaun’s belt work for you during adjustments, appraisals, mediations, and even full litigation.

Types of Claims We Can Help You With

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We’ll take a close look at the damage and provide a detailed estimate of the entire cost of repair to get you on the path to a real resolution, even if your insurance company has already turned you away.